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We are bunch of writers from Jharkhand, who got together to bring to you, the Compilation Of Articles On Jharkhand’s Tribal Community. Please note that in our blog, we are only gathering information from variety of credible sources, compiling them and putting them together in the form of articles. This would be useful for the people who want to learn about the less-known Tribal community.

Two things motivated us to launch this blog.

  • Firstly, we sincerely believe that not many people know about the Jharkhand’s Tribal Community, they remain shrouded in mystery. It is time to lift the veil, to peek-in and to know them.
  • Secondly, we have discovered many unknown and lesser known facets of the Tribal Community and we want to share them, with the world. 

We dedicate this website to the tribal or aboriginal people.

In case some you would like to go a step further and write to us, then please feel free to contact us. We will surely reply back.

Meanwhile do enjoy reading the articles and share them with the world.

We thank you for giving us your precious time.

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