Karam Songs in Kurukh Language

Urbarghi tangda banna kichri, koe,
Pachri hedde ijki rai!
Randi pachcho tangeda ledera kichiri,
Rajham-rajhamara bheja bichi!
(English Translation)
Rich-man’s daughter, dear, (dressed in) coloured cloth,
Beside (the) wall is standing (there)!
Old widow’s daughter (there) (in) tattered clothes,
(How) Blithely leaping joined (with boys) doth dance!
Cho’koe, randi-pachcho tangeda!
Chunja lasa ka’ – dika mala?
Komar’ khan mokhdi, ghoro lekha khandirdi!
Cho’koe chunja lassa ka’ – dika mala?
(English Translation)
Awake, old-widow’s daughter!
To work (at) husking are (you) going (or) not?
Koinar-herb you eat; like (a) horse you sleep!
To work at husking, will you go or not?

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