Jadur Songs in Kurukh Language

Chalki-binrio bara laggi,
Dahar dahar gauche bhongot Rohidas kila
(English Translation)
Broomstick-earstick, is coming on,
Away let us fly (to) Ruidas fort.
Flaming forth the scourge doth come,
Along the road let’s fly (to) Ruidas fort.
Broomstick-earstick stands for the scourge of epidemic. This has reference to the magical use, in case of disease, of the broom and in certain cases, of the small stick usually struck through the lobe of the ear.
Guch, pelo, kalot koe, Tiko dhorha,
Guch, pelo, kalot koe, namhae patra.
Namhae patra, pelo, atkha chokhot,
Tiko dhoro, pelo, injo pithot.
(English Translation)
Let us together, girl, go (to) Tiko stream,
Let us together, girl, go (to) our own woods.
(In) our jungle, girl, let us gather leaves,
(In) Tiko stream, girl, let us catch fish.

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