CNT Act 1908 Notifications (B)

The procedures of the settlement to be followed by them are as under:
VII. Settlement of Rent before final publication:
When the Revenue Officer settles fair rents in isolated or individual cases before final publication, he shall follow mutatis mutandis the procedure laid down for the settlement of the fair rents after final publication, and shall incorporate the settled rents in the record to be finally published.
VIII. Final Publication of the Record-of-Rights:
When all objections of the CNT Act 1908, have been disposed of as provided for in rule, and when the draft records have been corrected in accordance with the orders passed, and when the rents, if any, settled under Act have been duly incorporated in the record, the Revenue Officer shall finally frame the records and cause them to be published by notifying, that their contents will be read out in the village on a date to be specified, not being less than a week from the date of the publication of such notice, and by reading them out himself or causing them to read in the village on the date so specified, in the presence of the parties or of as many of them as attend. The officer engaged in final publication shall serve a copy of the entries in any record prepared upon all persons interested in these entries.
IX. Distribution of Copies of the Record-of Rights to parties interested:
A copy of the record-of-Rights as finally published, or as extracted there from, shall be made over to the landlord concerned, or, where there are more landlords than one, to their common agents or common manager, or, if there be no common agent or common manager, to such person among the landlords as the Revenue Officer may think fit.
X. The Settlement of fair rents after final publication:
When the landlord or tenant applies for a settlement of a fair rent, he shall be considered as plaintiff and the opposite party as defendant.
Where a landlord or tenant does not attend, after due service of notice has been proved, the procedure may be ex-parte.
When a fair rent has been settled under these, it shall be entered in the Khatian as the rent payable in respect of the holding from the date prescribed.
XI. The trial of suit:
The finally published records shall be corrected in accordance with the orders that may be passed in any such proceedings.
XII. Revision of any orders or decisions
XIII. Correction of bona-fide omission or mistakes in the record-of-rights
XIV. Deposit of settlement records with Deputy Commissioner:
The finally published record shall be made over to the Deputy Commissioner of the district, and shall bear a certificate, that it is the finally published record, under the Revenue Officer’s signature and seal.

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