CNT Act 1908 Notifications (A)

Rules made by the Local Government regarding the powers and duties of Revenue Officers.
The procedures of the settlement to be followed by them are as under:
I. Demarcation of Boundaries:
Where there is a dispute as to a village boundary, the Revenue Officer shall decide the dispute in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
II. Field Measurement:
A field map of every village shall be prepared; it shall show the boundaries of every field separately held or of such plot of land.
III. Khanapuri, i.e., preliminary preparation of the record:
The following are the principal documents to be prepared in the course of a survey and the preparation of a record-of-rights
Village Map   |    Parchas   |    Khatian
Khasra        |    Khewat    |    Terij
The Khewat shall show the character and extent of the interests of proprietors and tenure-holders, such of their interests as are of a Rayati nature being also recorded in the Khatian.
The khatian shall show in detail for all the lands in the village, estate by estate, landlord by landlord, tenant by tenant, and occupant by occupant, the land included in each estate owned by each landlord and occupied by each tenant or occupant, with particulars of rent and areas and of the incidents of each tenancy. Lands cultivated or otherwise held direct by a proprietor or tenure-holder shall be shown in detail in the khatian, and shall be entered either as landlords’ privileged land or as land held by the proprietor or tenure-holder but not privileged land. The khatian shall also show the respective rights of all persons privileged to take forest produce from jungle or waste land or to graze cattle on any land within the village.
IV. Attestation of the Record:
When the map, Khasra, Khewat and Khatian for a village, or such portions of them as are prepared at Khanapuri, have been prepared in the manner prescribed by these rules and by instructions of the Board of Revenue consistent with them. The Revenue Officer shall complete the process of attesting and completing the record-of-rights.
V. Publication of the Draft Record:
As soon as the record-of-rights has been prepared and attested; a draft records shall be published on a date fixed, not less than a week from the date of the posting of such notice, and calling on all persons interested to attend.
VI. Disposal of Objections:
When an objection is made, before the expiry of the period of publications of the draft record, regarding the correctness of any entry, or as to the propriety of any omission there from. If that the notice of objection has been duly served on all persons interested, the objection may be allowed and the records amended accordingly, or the person who made the objection may, if the Revenue Officer thinks fit, be called upon to produce evidence in support of his objection. All such objections shall be dealt with summarily under such instructions as the Board of Revenue may prescribe.

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