Chapter VI. Non-Occupancy Raiyats (CNT Act 1908) Excerpts

Chapter VI. Non-Occupancy Raiyats
The local Courts have usually treated non-occupancy Raiyats, not holding under a definite lease, as mere tenants-at-will and liable to ejectment as trespassers at the option of the landlord.
According to the local custom, at all events, in the remote and less advanced parts of Chota Nagpur a non-occupancy Raiyats, when once admitted to the occupation of a tenancy, was treated in all respects as a resident Raiyats of the village, i.e., his tenancy was assessed at the village rate, nor was he liable to ejectment save for arrears of rent or misuse of the lands comprised in the tenancy.
According to the judicial opinion of the local British Officials, they state, β€œIt will be seen that this Act divides Raiyats into two classes only – Occupancy Raiyats and Non-occupancy Raiyats; but, in practice the distinction seems to be little recognized, local custom admitting the same rights in a new as in an old holding, once the bargain as to rent has been concluded.”

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