Chapter II. Classes Of Tenants (CNT Act 1908) – Excerpts (C)

Chapter II. Classes of Tenants
Difference between Korkar and Khuntkatti:
Korkar lands are those reclaimed by Raiyats of the village, who are not khuntkattidaars.

But when a record of khuntkatti rights has been prepared for any local area, no lands which are not entered in such record as khuntkatti, can be subsequently recognized as such. Land reclaimed after the date of the preparation of the record by khuntkattidars of the village cannot, therefore, be classed as khuntkatti; but they are khorkar. The privileges attaching to khuntkatti lands as regards the incidence of rent charges are defined by law, whereas the rents of korkar lands are regulated by contract and custom.
Mundari khuntkattidar means a Mundari who has acquired a right to hold jungle land for the purpose of bringing suitable portions thereof under cultivation by himself or by male members of his family, and includes –
(a)    the heirs male in the male line of any such Mundari, when they are in possession of such land or have any subsisting title thereto, and
(b)    as regards any portions of such land which have remained continuously in the possession of any such Mundari and his descendants in the male line, such descendants.
A Mundari khuntkattidar is neither a tenure-holder, nor a Raiyat; but he is tenant.


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