Chapter XVIII. Special Provisions with respect to Mundari Khuntkattidars (CNT Act) Excerpts (E)

Chapter XVIII. Special Provisions with respect to Mundari Khuntkattidars
Recovery of money due to the Government or Rent due to a landlord:
In the statement of objects and reasons attached to the Bill, the object of this is explained as follows:
“Under the existing law, the realization of any dues from a Mundari khuntkattidar is a matter of some difficulty; and, as he has no security to offer for loans in time of scarcity, it is found difficult and often impossible to grant him that assistance which other cultivators obtain from the Government. To remedy this, it is proposed to allow the Deputy Commissioner to attach the tenancy of a Mundari khuntkattidar in certain cases and make some arrangements as he considers suitable for liquidating the debt when decrees or certificates for arrears of rent, cesses or moneys due to the government are outstanding against the debtor. It is to be noted that the Deputy Commissioner is not bound to take action under this clause, but is allowed the option of doing so, or refusing to do so, as may appear expedient.”
“In the Act as finally passed, the provisions were made applicable also to the recovery of rent due to a landlord. This became necessary, owning to the difficulty which has been experienced in some cases of realizing rents from khuntkattidars under the procedure allowed by law.”
Recovery of contributions from co-sharer tenants:
Provision has been made in it for the recovery of the shares of rent (chanda) due to a Mundari khuntkattidar by his co-sharers, on account of the rent due to the superior landlord. But, the provisions do not apply unless the proportions of the rent payable by the co-sharers are definitely stated in a record-of-rights previously prepared.

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