Oraons: The Stages of a Life (Growing-up)

Like their ancestors, the Oraons celebrate each important stages of our lifecycle with great passion in their own unique tribal ways.Growing-up:
The child are taught the almost all types of household and trained in the other important works that their respective families had been performing for the last so many generations, be it farming, hunting, iron smelting, handicrafts, etc.
The young female children used to undertake godana / banna chakharan (modern day tattooing) that had huge social significance. The philosophy behind the idea of tattooing was that the female children were exposed to pain and sufferings at the young age of 7 to 8 years and same may stand them in good stead in their adulthood.
Whereas the young malechildren after reaching the teenage years, they used to take on the process of sikkabaithana (the process similar to tattooing, where the mark of a coin was permanently placed on their left hand). It signified that the youngsters are ready to bear the responsibility of their respective families’ profession. The same philosophy as above was behind this, it also used to test their resolve and their innate desire to do the hard work.
For an Oraon, the family is accorded the highest and most important place in their society. They treat family and the various stages of human lives as having the utmost significance,so each and every stage of our life-cycle is celebrated and the almighty is remembered and thanked in most simple of manner.
It is a wish of every Mother-Father duo, of an Oraon family to participate in the marriage of their grandchildren during their life. As it is believed that the participation in such auspicious occasions absolve them of any wrongdoings in their lives and they can then happily embrace death after they have fulfilled their sacred duties. The Marriage is not only an union of two individuals, it is coming together of two families belonging to two different gotras; leading to the amalgamation of their karma (actions in this world), wealth, health, new relationships and finally taking steps to secure the lives of future generations of their family names and traditions.

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  1. Very well done sir,what u have done is really commendable.Pls let ur idea/knowledge flow in words here… i am sure many will appreciate for the same.Cheers,R Bhagat



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