Oraons: The Gotra System (Part-II)

The important Gotras / Totem of the Oraon tribes are as under:
·         Gadi              :       Monkey
·         Gidhi             :       Vulture
·         Gisileeh          :       Bird
·         Gende           :       Duck
·         Godo             :       Crocodile
·         Gondarari       :       Tree
·         Chilgo            :       Fox
·         Chindra          :       Squirrel (Gilhari)
·         Jubbi             :       Source of water
·         Toppo            :       Bird with long tail
·         Tirkey            :       Small Mouse
·         Tigga             :       Monkey
·         Tirkuaar         :       Bird
·         Tirru              :       Fish
·         Dhehua          :       Bird
·         Panna            :       Iron
·         Pusra             :       Tree (Kusum)
·         Putri              :       Tree
·         Barwa            :       Wild Dog
·         Bakula           :       Bird
·         Bakhla           :       Grass
·         Bando            :       Wild Cat
·         Bara              :       Tree
·         Vaasaa          :       Tree
·         Biaah             :       Fish
·         Bekh             :       Salt
·         Baandh          :       Dam to stop river water
·         Madgi            :       Tree (Mahua)
·         Minj              :       Fish
·         Manjuniyaar   :       Creeper
·         Sanda            :       Fox
·         Rori               :       Tree
·         Lita               :       Fish
·         Lakra            :       Cheetah
·         Linda             :       Fish
·         Saal              :       Fish
·         Halmaan        :       Big Monkeys

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Among the Oraon Tribe, the Gotra is generally the living beings that surrounded our forefathers and each of the families trace their roots to these totems. It is also believed that these auspicious living beings helped our ancestors’ families to come out of the difficult times and as a result the entire generations of the families of a certain Gotra are indebted to them, since time immemorial.
The Oraon families accorded a very high respectable position to the above mentioned living beings and non-living beings mentioned above. The hunting of these living beings and /or the cutting of trees / plants are strictly prohibited among the people belonging to the respective Gotra. According to the popular Oraons’ belief,each of these Gotra / Totem has wonderful positive energy to help its family-members in the time of need.
Each of these Gotra has legendary story going back to the ancient times, where they had helped their families to overcome hardtimes.  During the Jatra festivity, many a time the Oraon-families carry the flags bearing the symbols of their respective Gotra. The Oraons believe that their ancestors are always live around and help them in the time of the need.


  1. A very informative article. It is good and important at times when most of our children are unaware of the importance of gotras and its meaning. I will add one small information which I have learned from my Grandfather. My title is "Bara" and it means "Ber" or "Bour" fruit. My grandfather use to tell me that all person with "Bara" title should as a custom remove the top of the fruit and then eat. Similarly, people with Kerketta title were forbidden to kill a sparrow.



  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts….in my case …. I trace my roots to tortoise….we too are strictly forbidden from hurting any 'kachua'….besides many other living beings named in the main article….



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