Oraons: The Gotra System (Part-I)

In the social structure of the Oraon tribe, the Gotra or Totem system plays very important role.

Among the Oraons, the Gotra system is believed to directly relate to the Great Almighty Lord Dharmesh’s desire to keep the social structure of the tribe pious.
Accordingly, the Gotra means that every single family in the Oraon tribe trace their roots to their ancestors’ respective families, each of these families further traced their roots to their unique Gotra. Each of these unique Gotra simply means that families belonging to the same Gotra do trace their roots to the same family of their unique Gotra. In other words these families are related in the manner equivalent to siblings, tracing back to same roots of single family. 
The Gotra System plays a very important role in the matrimonial alliances among the families belonging to the Oroan tribe. It is believed that youngsters belonging to same Gotra are considered to be siblings; hence the marriage in the same Gotra was firmly avoided among the Oraon families. But with the increasing, all pervading and growing influence of Hinduism and Christianity among the Oraon tribes, the Gotra system is losing its significance in the recent years, especially in the forging of the matrimonial alliances.
The important Gotras / Totem of the Oraon tribes are as under:
·         Aadho            :       Ox
·         Alla               :       Dog
·         Angal Topo     :       A type of tree
·         Amri              :       Juice extracted from rice
·         Aind              :       A snake like fish
·         Ekka             :       Tortoise
·         Argo              :       Mouse
·         Oregora         :       Kite
·         Oruga           :     Rat living in agriculture land
·         Kanda            :       Root
·         Kinda             :       Coconut
·         Kinduaar        :       A fish
·         Kish                     :       Pig
·         Kishpotta      :    Tree (Kasayi) (Earlier related to pig)
·         Kujur             :       Fruit
·         Kundri           :       Vegetable
·         Kusua            :       Fish
·         Keoonda        :       Fruit
·         Kane             :       Fish
·         Kendi             :       Tree
·         Kerketta         :       Sparrow
·         Kaithi             :       Vegetable
·         Kokro            :       Chicken Cock
·         Kosuaar         :       Fish
·         Khalkho         :       Fish
·         Khakha          :       Crow
·         Kheksha         :       Vegetable
·         Khes              :       Rice (Dhaan)
·         Khoiya           :       Wild Dog

Garwa           :       Bird (Saras)


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