The Initiation of Jharkhand Movement (Part-IV)

The requests of political rights now become the logical corollary of their victory in battle royal for land rights.
Thereafter the aftermath of passing of C.N.T. Act (1908) witnessed the beginning of demand for securing political rights against the dominance of the haves we have already seen how the Tanas under Tana Bhagat in 1914 defied the administration & Zamindars.
Practically those days the neo-converts into Christianity started gesticulating for their own legitimate place in the sun, may be due to the preaching and teachings of European preachers and teachers. St. Columbus College, Hazaribagh was the only bastion of the learning in the Chotanagpur.
A class of newly educated tribal youth was given to thinking of the maladies and injustices by which they were to thinking of the maladies and injustices by which they were suffering. Therefore, the movement of handful of Christain Students under the patronage of their western missionaries’ teachers had in the beginning an innocent urge to improve them. It quite ultimately served thenucleus of a bigger Jharkhand movement for establishment of a separate ethnic state for the Tribal later on.
In 1910 a little student organization was founded by Mr. J. Bartholmen, an orphan brought up at Chaibasa by an American Missionary. Bartholmen’s organizing capacity was well perceived in Christian students’ conference at different places like Dacca, Srirampur etc. Donations were raised and needy colleagues were helped. Dramas were staged at St. Paul Institute Ranchi. Later on Mr. Peter Heyward joined him.
The First Great World War in 1914 created a great stir in the life of people.Mostly the German missionaries of GEL Church and Anglican Church were behind the Christian Students Conferences, Dramas, and discourses led to their cry and urge for self-identity fearlessly. As a policy the Germans were interned and expelled because on the outbreak of war between England and Germany, German missionaries were such an effective vehicle or new idea of the political movement that even the Tanas were chanting Tana Baba Tana German Baba Tana Kaiser (Welham Kaiser) BabaTana etc. The Tana Bhagats had become belligerent.
Bartholem’s pioneering efforts were followed by Chotanagpur Improvement Society or Chotanagpur Unrati Samaj in 1913 under the composite leadership of non-ChristianTribals like Thebte Oraon, Rai Saheb Bandi Ram Oraon, and Christian Tribals like Rev.Jwell Lakra, Kristopal Kachap, Paul Dayal, etc. In reality Angelic and German Church missionaries dominated this samaj and they differed on many issues. When Simon Commission was faced with “go back” slogan in 1928; Rev. Lakra and others presented memorandum to the Commission.

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