Second World War and Jaipal Singh

As soon as Second World War broke out in September 1939, Jaipal Singh lost no time in “offering services of Adivasis in the cause of democratic rights” and became “ready to supply man power to British for the struggle” which was loudly proclaimed in the Annual Adivasis Mahasabha Conference held on 15th March 1940.
He visited Santhal Parganas also for the propaganda work. Congress Ministry resigned and with this automatically was lost the importance of any such Adivasis agitation and Jaipal Singh found it more worthwhile to carry on War recruitment among Adivasis.
All subsequent Adivasis meeting held in Chotanagpur were turned into war propaganda meetings. Some people say that the movement of Jaipal Singh was a “clever stratagem of the Britishers and the missionaries who wanted to stem the tide of united national movement that was launched among the tribals by the Congress leaders and the workers in the shape of Tana Bhagat Movement and other such movements.
Jaipal Singh’s attempt to keep Adivasis labourers out of the Unions organized at Tata by Prof. Abdul Bari and his recruitment anxieties proved his retrograde role that he was playing in the national life. All criticism of government and grievances of the Adivasis put forth by Jaipal Singh were probably meant for Congress government, which was in power for only couple of years. With Congress Government’s exit, Jaipal Singh became silent as if the British Government running the administration was going all-out for the Tribal amelioration program.

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