Sardari Larai or Mulki Larai (Part-I)

Sardari Larai or Mulki Larai started when the survey was discontinued and the Missionaries created a peculiar situation. The Missions in Chotanagpur apart from being proselytizing agencies were said to be responsible to a great extent for the dawn of education through which rays of western influence were poured forth. It was made all the more attractive be cause of the personal contact between foreign teachers and aboriginal pupil. This led to vivid realization of their present position as well as of their rights and privileges and consequently, a class of aboriginal intelligentsia came into being cautious of their rights, privileges and dues.
But the Mission people never thought for a moment that this class, which they are making a turbulent one, can one day challenge even the Missionaries themselves. But they (missionaries) miscalculated it when at the time of Bhuinhari survey they attempted to recommend that Pahnai, Bhutkheta, Dalikatari lands in a particular village should go to the Mission as the villagers had joined Christian church. This the tribals had not expected from their leaders of the church and their volte-face. The tribals were shocked at this. They were very much attached to their land and just to save their land they had changed their religion and now they had fallen from frying pan into the fire.
The Missionaries, which championed their cause against Zamindari tyranny, they wanted a pound of flesh (land) for themselves. This led to rapture in the adherents of the Church. They left their church, which baptized them and constructed their own churches made of leaves. The Missionaries finding that their attempt had misfired approached the authorities and prevailed upon them for formulating more stringent laws concerning Bhuinhari survey. They started telling people plainly that there was no longer any possibility of getting back their Raj. This started a chain reaction. So great was the resentment that Oraon Sardars started churches of their own made of leaves.
Mansidh of Bagra declared himself as Prabhu Isu Khrist and for every Christ there be a John the Baptist. John of Magantoli became John the Baptist. Masidas of Baghi assumed the title of the Raja of Chotanagpur and in this way they were completely cut off from their original church.

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