Sanskritization of the Tribals

What ever socio-religious movements have been so far discussed they reflect an organized and concerted efforts on the part of certain enlightened individuals or a section of the tribals or the non-tribals to provide a leadership to the tribals in general in moldings their religious and social life.
But in the background of centuries long association of the tribals with the non-tribals Hindus specially in Chotanagpur, it may be noted that the cultural influence of the Hindus on the tribals and vice-versa has worked in the most natural and spontaneous manner today. With the cultural borrowings and change of model from tribal to Hindu, the tribals also made themselves exposed to the Hindu leadership, especially that of the sacred specialists in certain religious and social matters. This has been the feature not only among the tribals of Chotanagpur, but in the whole of middle India. 
Reference here may be made especially to two analytical papers one by Surajit Sinha and the other by L.P. Vidhyarthi, which brings out significant materials relating to acculturation process on the model of Hinduism in different parts of India. Some specific studies have also been made of Chotangpur tribals.
A study of Ghagra village in Munda area brings out the emergence of Sanskritised group of Manjhi out of the Munda matrix. Another study of two Oraon villages by K.N. Sahay reveals that the villagers have accepted the worship of some important Hindu gods and Goddesses under the religious influence of a Brahman priest. They have given up eating beef started possessing some sacred scriptures of the Hindus and perform Satnarayan Puja once or twice a year at the instance of the Hindu priest.
In another recent study by the same author we are told that the Cheros provided incentives and a Hinduized model to the less advanced tribe, the Parhaiya of Lolki in Palamau who now prefer to call themselves as Hindu of Chero brand.They are in close interaction with the local, regional or all India great ‘traditional centers’ like Varanasi and Gaya from where they periodically receive the priests and Pandas and have accepted their religious influence and leadership like their neighboring Hindus.

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