Late 1930s:Sanatan Adivasi Sabha

About July 1939, the non-Christian Adivasis started organization called, “The Sanatan Adivasi Sabha” as they were being neglected and exploited by Christian Adivasis.
Theble Oraon who had broken away from Jaipal’s Adivasi Sabha was one of the sponsors of this movement. Thus it was to become the destiny of the Mr. Jaipal Singh and his party that non-Christian Adivasis would always remained alienated from him for a lurking suspicion entertained by them that they are being exploited by the Christian leadership. It was a fact which became embodiment of non-Christian tribal aspiration in 1962 and later years.
That remained a direct danger on the secular posture that Mr. Jaipal Singh from time to time tried to make. Ultimately he could not convince them.

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