Late 1930s:Prof. Hayward’s Munda Santhal Sabha

In January 1939, there sprang up another aboriginal organization known as “Munda Santhal Sabha”.
It had Prof. J.C. Hayward of St. Columbus College, Hazaribagh as its President and John Senai Nag as Secretary to protect the interest of Aboriginals by starting unions in villages and helping them in getting remission of rents and other facilities in the matter of education and prevent litigation etc.
Jaipal Singh and his supporters, it is said, did not like formation of this Sabha, and they made vigorous propaganda against Mr. Heyward.
The Sabha itself was said to have been sponsored by Congress as a counter balance to the Adivasi Sabah. Heyward could not withstand the opposition of Jaipal Singh and others and ultimately in June 1939, he condescended to merge the organization with the Adivasi Sabah and himself became the President of the Hazaribagh Committee.
Prof. Hayward, though a good scholar and fluent speaker, was destined to play a second fiddle to Jaipal.

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