1947: Jharkhand Separation League

Moreover, partition of Punjab and Bangal as the basis of transfer of power changed the situation. This greatly dashed the leaders like Lacham Purti, Mukund Ram Tanti and others. The hopes of Muslim leaguers residing in Chotanagpur and Santhal Parganas; but nonetheless they allegedly continued their overtures unabated by “fraternizing” Adivasis and instigating them to take law in their own hand. 
Shri Amin Ahmad Ex. I.C.S. was at Chaibasa and said to have maintained his contacts with some of the prominent Adivasis’ leaders like Lacham Purti, Mukund Ram Tanti and others. He threw a suggestion that Adivasis should lay their grievance before Mohammad Ali Zinnah. Amin Ahmad and Faqruddin Razi were considered according to West Bengal Secret Report 1947 as the moving spirit behind the cases of violence that happened in Chakulia and Kolhan in which police had to open fire in self-defense.
Jharkhand Separation League met on 22nd March, 1947 under the chairmanship of Habibur Rahman M.L.A. (Centre) and attended by Mr. Amin Ahmad (Ex. I.C.S.), Mr.W.S.Hitchcock I.P. (Retd.) of Hatia, Mr. Ramocker (Planter Daladali), Rahmat Khan of Muslim League and Mohamad Hanif S.I. of Police, Ranchi (under suspension). Rai Saheb Bandi Ram Oraon (Poorani Ranchi) and Ignes Kujur (Pathalkudwa) etc.
It was resolved to raise a fund of Rs.1,00,000/- to finance the movement. They elected the following office bearers Mr. Julius Tigga as President, Mr. Nisar Ahmad, Mr. Ramacker and Kirchu Ram as Vice – President, Ignes Kujur as Secretary, Prof. J.C. Heyward as General Secretary. Other known Muslim Leaguers and their sympathizers, some of the important members of Ratu Raj family and some of the traders of Ranchi were also co-opted as members.
In Santhal Parganas Christian Santhals and Muslim Leaguers conjointly held a number of meetings in the month of June 1947. There was a move to boycott and non-cooperate with Hindus so that they do not get Adivasi labourers to work on their fields. In District Board elections Muslims joined hands with Adivasis in creating disturbances.
On 21st June, 1947, about 250 delegates from Bhagalpur to hold a Jharkhand Conference under the president-ship of Debi Soren. In all about 3000 Santhals and about 150 Muslims were present. Abdur Razak of Maheshpur was one of the speakers. Resolution (1) demanding separation of Jharkhand , condemning police firing at Sarath on 5th June, 1947 and on Adivasi in Singhbhum and claiming restoration of powers of Damin Pargainaits were passed.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah was aid to have assured that Santhal Parganas would be included in Eastern Pakistan and that had raised false hope in straight-forward Santhals.

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