1940s:Muslim League and Jaipal Singh (II)

Baghib Asson also sent letter to Hon. Sir Kwaja Nazimuddin, Mr. H.S. Shuhrowardy andother members of the Bengal Pradesh Muslim League in which he made the suggestion that there should be a Confederacy of Bengasman (East Pakistan and Adibasisthan).
In Adibasisthan he wanted to include Chotanagpur, the Santhal Parganas and neighbouring areas inhabited by the Adivasis and other aboriginal tribes. The Confederacy intended would appear to be kind of “Zoliverin” in which each area would have a separate legislature but their would be joint management of the Railways, Communications, Customs,Defence, Foreign Policy, Currency, Postal services etc. 
He envisaged “peaceful penetration of Islam and islami culture amongst the inhabitants.” His idea was to make the are Muslim dominated as wide as possible and had calculated that in the confederacy mentioned above there would be Muslim majority of about 52% which would be sufficient to give that community the whip and he also wrote-“It would be realized that Pakistan depends on the Agreement of the British, the rulers of India, and that they will wholly favour Adivasisthan-Pakisthan Confederacy because it would give free scope to Christian Missions in Chotanagpur. (Bengal Secret Police Report).
A Conference of “Jharkhand-Chotanagpur-Pakistan” was held at Ranchi from 30th December, 1945 to 1st January 1945 in which prominent Muslim Leaguers like H.S. Sukhrawardyey, Latifur Rahman and others attributed the miserable condition of Momins, Adivasis and Harijans to the mal-administration by Congress Government and promised full support in the demand of Adivasis for a separate Jharkhand Province. They exhorted the audience to vote for Adivasi and League candidates.
The Annual Adivasi Conference was held on the 22nd and 23rd Feb. 1946 at Ranchi in which Jaipal Singh showed his confidence for fighting the election on separation issue because of the support of the Muslim League.
It is surprising to note that President of Hindu Mahasabha had also recognized that demand of separation was just. Nisar Husain, a Muslim league leader assured full support and it is said that with the help of Muslim Adivasis resorted to violence during elections and achieve partial success at polls in Ranchi and Singhbhum. 
Jaipal received greatest shock of his life when he was defeated by a Congress candidate although he was reported to have been heavily financed by Muslim league with an intention to incorporate Chotanagpur into the Eastern Pakistan. Jaipal was present in Calcutta on 16th August 1946 and was one of the speakers at the Muslim League “Direct Action day” meeting near Ochtorlony monument. He is reported to have said that “100 million Adivasi were with the Muslims and ready to face bullets in the help of Muslims. They had have enough of Ram Rajya.”
But a ghastly scene of murder, rape committed by the Leagues following “direct action day” reported to have shocked the consciences of Mr. Jaipal Singh which made him sadder. Suhrabardi and others tried to enlist full support in the shape of Adivasi joining to Direct action and Jaipal supplying clever Adivasi-blacksmiths to work for Muslims evidently to manufacture weapons (Secret BengalPolice Report, 1946).

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