1940s:Muslim League and Jaipal Singh (I)

Jaipal Singh’s political activities started once again when we find the Independence of India was in sight, in 1940s. Therefore it is said that many disliked the loyalist image of Mr. Singh. As far back as 1939 it was noticed that the “Star of India”, a Muslim volunteer’s organization had pledged to work for the separation of Chotanagpur. 
In 1941 annual Conference of Adivasis Mahasabha, many Muslims leaguers were invited to attend. Sri Jaffer Imam of Bihar Muslims league was also requested by Baghib Ahsan of Calcutta Corporation to attend the conference when the tribals were to demand their Adivasi Pakistan.
The Annual Adivasi Conference was held at Ranchi on 8th and 9th March 1941 and representatives of the Depressed Class Association and Bengal Muslim League were present at the Conference. In his presidential speech Mr. Jaipal Singh repeated his demand for the separation of Chotanagpur and pledged full support of Adivasis to Government in War efforts.  His target of attack were the caste Hindus for which they should start a resistance movement. 
On the other hand his drift towards Muslim League could very well be found in his words-“I have been invited by the Muslim League of Bengal and the Adivasis there to make a tour of that province. I have been invited to address a protest meeting at Calcutta Town Hall tomorrow when all the Ministers and the eminent leaders of Bengal will be present. I mention this to let the British Government know that we are not alone in our grievances. Let them (Hindus) think that Muslims and Adivasis are not going to tolerate any Hindu Raj for one second. We will fight for our religious integrity and our racial izzat.” 
The Muslim League leaders, including S.M. Usman (MLA) and Baghib Ahsan addressed a meeting of Adivasis women at Ranchi on 10th March, 1941. (Source: Bengal Secret Police Report, 1941).
This greater complicity of Jaipal with Muslim League might have annoyed N.N.Rakshit, his patron and as a result in April 1941 the differences cropped up between them .
Muslim League fully utilized Jaipal Singh and his platform of Adivasis Mahasabha for its gain to prevent Tribals being enumerated as Hindus and thereby reduce the numerical strength of Hindus so that their political influence ends. 
As a matter of fact it was clear to many that Jaipal Singh was, for sometime, alleged to have played into the hands of Muslim League, with his invectives against Hindus were not in least going to improve the Adivasis lot. S.S. Usman,Secretary Calcutta Muslim League is reported to have paid Rs. 50,000/- to Jaipal. (Source: A.K. Singh, Social Change, June 1955).


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