1930s:Jaipal Singh & Adibashi Mahasabha

A few living persons corroborated the claim that 2nd Adibashi Mahasabha was one of the biggest draw of Adibasis and non-Adibasis that the then Ranchi ever saw.
On 21st January 1939 at about 11 am a crowd of about a hundred thousand Adibasis gathered at the place where the main Road joins the Railway Station Road (over-bridge) and the vast concourse of human heads extended up to Lutheran Church.The crowds consisted of Millions but were disciplined, well served by hundreds of young volunteers, men and women. They were shouting Victory shouts for their new President Mr. Jaipal Singh who was considered Marang Gomke and a person endowed with divine gift for only the Marang Gamaka could not have done all those great deeds in the country of the “Angrezi Saheblog” if he were not a person with very special powers.
Slogans like “Separate Chotanagpur”, “Give us Jobs”? Give us Education! Arrange forirrigation! Glory to the poor! Glory to Chotanagpur! Glory to Adibasis Mahasabha!– were displayed on the colorful posters and voiced by those participating in the procession.
Mr. Jaipal Singh in his presidential address declared – “This is one of the most momentous occasions in my life. I have been separated from your midst nearly 20 years and you are now asking me to be your leader in the tremendous struggle ahead of us for our economic and political freedom. One of the last wishes of my Guru, the late Canon Cosgrave, was that I should come back to Chotanagpur and lead my people to enable them to take their station of honor in the national life of India.I solemnly dedicate myself to the work you are committing to me.”
He went on, “The Adivasi Movement stands primarily for the moral and material advancement of Chotanagpur and the Santhal Parganas, for the economic and political freedom of the aboriginal tracts and in sum, for the creation of a separate Governor’s province comprising roughly Chotanagpur and the Santhal Parganas with a government and administration appropriate to its need. It conceded everywhere that Chotanagpur suffered by being tagged on to the Bihar and it is therefore, suffering very badly. In separation alone lies the salvation of Chotanagpur (audience roared – “Victory to Chotanagpur). We will be content with nothing less than an existence of our own, a separate province, a separate government, and a separate administration.Then and then only can we ever hope to shape and mould our great destiny. We have waited patiently and silently long enough for others to help us. We have trusted others in vain to help us march forward along the path of progress and improvements. Thank God, we have learnt our lessons in time. We must help ourselves. Our great future is in our own hands. The adivasis movement has recently amalgamated into a united organization of all the many aboriginals groups. All the past divisions and distrusting dissensions have completely disappeared and the Adivasis are now all one in their struggle for freedom from the tyranny of mere number. After all the united front of Adivasis was an amazing fact in their annals and it would be seen. All the missionary institutions working here are with us, another remarkable achievement. Even the Bengalis are trying for separation. The European and Anglo-Indians are openly showing us their sympathy you have not to go far to find the explanation for all this bewildering change.
Jaipal Singh delivered the above lengthy address and was greatly applauded. He enshrined himself in the hearts of the teeming millions of Adivasis and rekindled a hope of emancipation and showed to the government the reasonableness of accepting the reality.
N.N.Rakshit, a partner of Tatanagar Foundry of Jamshedpur was present at the conference and said earlier he presented a motorcar and a sum of Rs. 250/- to the Adivasis Sabha.The Mahasabha of Ranchi was an epoch-making event in the history of the plateau because for the first time the demand of Chotanagpur and Santhal Parganas as a separate state proliferated from the simple cry of a few visionary  Adivasis leaders. 
Marang Gomke first preached separatism as a cult ably and it remained a powerful voice drawing in Chotanagpur and Santhal Pargana for years together, it still remained a great force and finally Jharkhand was created in 2000.

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