1900s: Organized Hinduism Movement

According to Roy, in the  early twentieth century attempts were made to bring Oraons into the fold of orthodox Hinduism but they were not very successful.
Some Hindus attempted to give them Sudhdhi or ceremonial purification. The Arya Samaj a progressive Hindu group also tried to bring the Oraons under their leadership which was essentially a counter movement to check Christianity and though it was a successful in re-converting a number of Christian tribals to its fold, but it remained restricted.
Sanskar Bharti, Hindustani Charity Trust, Ramrekha Dham, & other Hindu organizations remained engaged in it. Of late the Samaj has entered Munda area and coal-mines area with its DAV Schools and other mission Vanvasi Kalyan Kendras are also doing their bit for the spread of Hinduism among tribal population.
The works of Arya Samaj so far have remained confined only to some of the tribal pockets of tribal pockets of Chotanagpur like Mahuadanr, Chainpur, Nagar Untari, Torpa & Coal mining areas and other places where with the help of preaching and several debate sessions with Christian missionaries and Christians, they were able to turn the mind of many Christian converts who are reported to have accepted the Hindu fold in thousands.
Another type of Sudhikaran had been started by another agency known as ‘Academy of Indian Culture’(Sanskriti Vihar) established at Ranchi in 1965 with Prof. Harbans Oberoi as Sectretary and Ganga Budhia as President. But unlike religious re-conversion, it aimed at cultural re-conversion’ of the tribals converted into Christianity, Muslim faiths and which it calls as reclamation to the Indian loyalty’. Its prime object was to inculcate a sense of loss of and loyalty for the Indian Culture and civilization in the minds of the Christian converts and Muslims, by observing certain Indian festivals, following Indian ideals, studying Indian epics, using national dress, reciting the names of the 7 sacred rivers of India at the time of their bath and so on. The Academy is running some primary and High schools in different areas of Chotanagpur with the helps of Vanvasi Kendras of Kalyan Ashram who has a host of teachers, Pracharaks, Vaidyas, and other workers to propagate its objects. More than seven thousand Christian Tribals have been reported to receive Sudhikaran by the Academy and its associated and having the following of its leaders who are having some type of impact or the other on the cultural life of the tribals. The work on behalf of the Academy was being done by Sita Ram Maroo in most of the tribal areas of Chotanagpur. According to them it took sacrifices, fire-walking, offering water on Shiva Temples of importance, taking part in Ramnavmi procession and Rath Yatra etc. among tribals brought Adivasis nearer to Hindus ideals.

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