1800: Pahariya Tribe & Invaders (Part-I)

The Mughals delegated their control over the barren Rajmahal hills areas to the Mansabdars (local official or landlords) of whom the chief were members of the Khetauri family of Manihari; as they believed that the barren land might contribute very less amount of land revenue towards their coffers.
It is popularly believed that the founder of the Mansabdars’ family seized the fort of Lakragarh and even helped the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s General Man Singh to force the defiles through the hills when he was invading Bengal.Thus the Mansabdars’ family was rewarded by the grant as a Mansab Jagir of the tract in which the Pahariya tribes lived, and his descendants were made overlords of the country from Rajmahal and Pakur on the east of the hills to Colong and Godda on the western direction.
These Mansabdars were on a good terms with the Pahariyas.
However in the middle of the 18th century, the major troubles arose between the landlord and the Pahariyas. As some of the Pahariya chiefs were treacherously murdered, the widening differences between the two came to the fore. The angry Pahariyas stromed Lakragarh, drove out the Khetauri, Jagirdars and commenced a series of raids and depredations on the low land villages. The rulers considered these activities unlawful however given the political unrest scenario at that time, these activities generally went unpunished by the rulers.

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