1800: History of Ranchi (Part-I)

The history of Ranchi can be traced back to a small place called Chutia. Chutia was selected as the capital of Nagbanshi Raja Pratap Rai, the 4th in descent from Phani Mukut whose coronation took place in the year 64 A.D. The ruins of very few surviving ancient buildings corroborate the fact that Chutia was indeed an important center of this region since the period traced back to 2nd century A.D. But the present day Ranchi should thank the British Colonizers for developing it as an important city of the modern India.
During the early days of British Raj in 1800, the East India Company officials decided to select Ranchi as the headquarters of the South-West Frontier agency. After brutally suppressing the Great Kol Rising of the Chotanagpur plateau area in 1830s, the British administrators and the British rulers hastened the development of Ranchi as the headquarter of the province. As they belatedly realized that the plateau region could no longer be ruled by the distant places like Sherghati or even Chatra.
In 1833, the Captain Wilkinson was entrusted the job to set-up the local-headquarter of the plateau region at Kishanpur. During that period the overwhelming tribal population living contentedly in several nearby villages surrounded Kishanpur. The villages like Morhabadi, Bariatu, Hatma, Karamtoli,Nagratoli, Chadri, Hindpiri, Siramtoli, Kantatoli, Hehal, Hesel, Missirgonda, Argora, Hinoo, Hatia, Dhurwa, etc were dominated by the local tribal population.


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